Monday, 13 July 2009

Give me a serious price? 100? euro? no? dirhams?

Morocco was awesome-ness!

Iam still too tired to blog about it, since ive only landed about 4 hrs ago, ive unpacked but for some strange reason, i still cant sleep!Which is worrying because today iam off to sunderland, for my graduation ceremony tomorrow! oh god, please!

Too many jokes in my head, replaying over and over and over again.
I had such a blast, but the heat!! my god!!!
Pictures shall be up soon too, but who knows when!

and ive realized something.
Iam a luxury traveler.
nuff said.
shall elaborate more later.

'where u from? India? Pakistan? Afghanistan? Iraq? where where?'
'u like? i give u good price'
'oi oi.. u want henna? no? maybe later?'
'give me serious price, democratic price'

Sometimes, experiences like these teaches u about life.
teaches u about the world,
teaches u about your family,
teaches u about yourself
and mostly, it teaches u about humanity.

nite nite everybody

Thursday, 18 June 2009

feeling anxious...

oh wait,

Morocco drive on the right hand side?

oh oh, Em, i need to practice in your car! :)

and u can drive mine...just around the car park tho...

Iam feeling blue actually.. for no reason at all.
I keep saying i need a whole day of lazing around, and somehow when i actually do that, i feel sooo guilty for being lazy, so i make plans.. like.. loads of plans.
and jam pack it in one day..
i never learn..

anyways.. Friday is tranformers day. well, opening day anyway.
so iam off to the cinema. Saturday and Sunday is working day, and then!
one week away, is the arrival of the family :)

and then the week after that, Morocco!
god damm it, i need to buy a new camera.
my wonky one wont survive the trip iam afraid!

Btw, at the hotel today, was ascot lady day.
gorgeous summer dress and awesome hats!
when i grow up, thats who i want to be :)

but for now, i shall settle for awesome skirts and messy hair.

oh, haircut.
i. need. a . haircut!

i miss the family..

and bebecs, thanx for the girly day!
even if we overstuffed ourselves to the point of being sick :)
luv ya!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


I hate planning for a holiday.
the booking, and the googling just messes with my head.
even worse when ure doing it for ure family, i wish i have them by my side to help me make the decisions.
by god, how many hotels can u smack in one kilometers of sands?
1000 apparently.

ok, new tactic. pictures.
the more we like the pictures of the hotel, we shall stay.

one night in the dessert is a must.

Casablanca, ticked.
blue city, done.

ok, time to get a new camera, and a sat nav.

ive never seen my bank account so empty before.

iam as skint as ever, so i guess, its time to move some money around.
this is when u wish u had some long forgotten inheritance somewhere..

iam treating this family trip to morroco as my graduation trip too.
so iam indulging and splashing.
after all, money is money.
but holiday exprience, is once in a lifetime

my god, do i sound sickeningly positive or what?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The boy in striped pyjamas

Realizing I cant possibly stomach another hour of day time telly, I decided to watch a dvd. I thought, iam not in a mood for something funny, or chick flick.. just something.. hmmm.. deep?

So I watched The Boy in Striped Pyjamas. Its one of those Holocaust related movie and i was like.. Iam bound to be sad, cry even. Ever since my trip to Auschwitz , everything was more real.. the sadness, the hopes that was shattered, the arrogance of the Nazi soldiers.. anyway, back to the movie.

It was one of those movie with ending so dramatic, i literally held my breath till the title rolled by! oh my god! the ending is NOT a Hollywood ending.. u know.. where everyone lived happily ever after.. no no no, it was nothing like that!

The story is about a boy named Bruno. His father was promoted as a general for a concentration camp. The whole family moved from Berlin to the countryside and Bruno had to leave his friends behind. At his new house, all there was were forest, his house and miles away a concentration camp. He could see it from his window and asked his mom ' why are the farmers weird? they seem to be dressed in pyjamas all day long'. Bruno is a keen explorer, so one day he explored the back garden, which led him to the forest and finally, to be concentration camp where he met Schmuel. Schmuel is an 8 year old boy too and they bond a friendship.. This is as far as i can say, because u do have to watch the movie!!!

But, common sense and Hollywood story telling would lead u to believe.. somehow.. bruno appeal to his father and ensure the safety of Schmuel and his family rite? or maybe the war ended and bruno and schmuel would be friends forever and everything would be ok. NO!!! nope nope nope.. not with this movie..

Iam on a quest to find the book. Apparently its been adapted from a book. aren't all the movies nowadays was originally a book?

I should be a writer.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


Its May 2009. I looked at the calendar and i cant believe April went by like a tornado.. I have to open my eyes now i think...

May promises to be such a good month.. Its Emily's birthday and sham is coming to visit!
so all in all, a promising month indeed. but then again, sometimes, when the expectation for the month is high, it usually pass by without anything exciting.. so, here's to me not expecting anything of May

Iam finally comfortable with shopping by myself. clothes shopping.
I was never the type of person who goes shopping by herself for the simple reason: decision making.
Sometimes, when u like something so much (a blouse, skirt, shoes) ure blinded by their beauty and never see the practical side.. gosh I know, iam not a shopaholic after all!
But yesterday after gym (yikes!!!!!!!), i decided its time to throw my work shoes and buy a new one. Iam telling u, finding for a comfortable yet stylish black heel is the hardest thing in the world! But i finally found 2, couldn't decided plus i know i will be wearing them every single day, so i decided to buy both (okay, maybe a little bit of a shopaholic).
Then, i saw a couple of tops. then, i was blinded by the beauty of a dress, so a friend woulda help me see the light at the end of the tunnel... sigh

Its my day off, so its dvd day today.
I got a couple of good ones during the week.. u know the ones.. the great movies u know u have to own since u will be watching it for the 1000000th time! Ironman, the dark night and the boy in striped pyjamas..

I think i need to re-arrange my bedroom.
Feng shui of the current arrangement is just.. blergh!
but holy crap do i need to unload a couple of things first..
I shall do a spring clean on my next day off i think..Chuck out all the old clothes, shoes, books.. i mean.. not chucking.. but offloading it to the charity shops.. mind u, i sitll havent offload the last load.. its still there in the spare room.. bags and bags of clothes and shoes.. oh god! get a move on!!!!!!

rite, lunch is approaching and there is nothing to eat...
its time for macaroni and cheese i think! :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

spring is in the air....




I know i havent posted much, havent said much but there is this emptiness in my life which iam trying to fill. I am totally at lost. I thought i would be glad to finish uni and knowing there is no nasty exams or assignments to finish up. but i swear, i feel stupid and under-used. i somehow am starting to feel that work is actually.. hrrrmmm.. work?

ok, its the blues... one things for sure tho, the weather has been fantastic and i dont know, i think its time to do what i always wanted to do.. dancing class, Europe holiday, hell, even another trip to Thorpe park..

somehow iam glad at how different my life actually is since last year. because iam much happier, and iam doing things that i wouldnt dream off. like, deciding not to take the shortcut on my way back home from work just to make sure i would be able to listen to my favourite song on the ipod. and realizing its on shuffle, and it played an entirely different song.. songs i love, but not the one i wanted to listen to.. and going to parties alone. u know those kinda get-togethers,where the only person u know is the host. knowing myself few years back, i prolly woulda said, 'oh, i cant make it' but iam thinking, no regrets. do these things once in your life, because at the end of your life, you never want to ask yourself 'what if'

holiday. i want a holiday. i think its time i visit paivi, anna and hammy. because as faith would have it, sham decided to leave it to her last year to come and visit me.

faith. funny how things work.